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Chiller Rental Truck in Dubai the fridge rental Truck is a important item for our clients. One that we put a lot of thought into giving. Also many formal recruit organizations keep a few ex rent refrigerated units. For day by day refrigerator truck rental. As well as freezer van for sale, we would see it this method doesn’t give clients. The degree of reliability and consistency needs honest work. Our Vehicles are also get ready for burdens.

In addition at truck rentals. ie our chiller rental truck in Dubai recruit trucks are 2019 models. While give spot rental vehicles which offer the best assistance. As far as quality and value that can be found in Dubai. Similarly these cooler units can be fit any period as long as 1 year.

A Powerful and Reliable Truck…

The total of our refrigerated recruit truck depend on the Isuzu long wheel base. These full stature units in well condition. Effective diesel vehicles and are outfit with a six speed transmission. The new Transit gives much better biomechanis. Comfort than its model and is a driver top pick. The Isuzu varient gives extra payload limit. While still just requiring a vehicle permit to drive.

With the Most Practical of Refrigeration Units.

We took a gander at a wide range of variations of refrigeration units before choosing Thermo King. Our units are fit for both Chill and Freeze. Necessary and have single stage module for overnight refrigeration.

Instead of the less expensive lather base establishment we give a custom unit base. Inside which gives uniform measurements and more proficient cooling qualities. Hence so many companies hire us as a first choice.

There are multiple back entry ways and a single side entryway for simple access. There is a control and checking show in the truck. Also to give input to the head on the heap temperature. Although we are best services provider in in Dubai and all UAE.


Our qualified workers and engineers can also manufacture any extra requirements that are needed, for example deep freezer refrigerated van, dual temperature compartments, shelving, sign writing, electric standby and so on.


Refrigerated vans or freezer vans are primary differ in the methods they use to keep the interior cool. There are four primary refrigerated types of vans. They are known as conversion because of the materials used to convert a regular van into a refrigerated van. The types that you will require depend on how cool you need to keep your products and how long they will need to remain in the van.


Semi freezer van have more advanced insulation, about 75 millimetre thick, than chiller and insulation vans while boasting a higher refrigerating capacity than other types of vans like chiller vans.these semi freezer van can transport frozen foods and other such items that should must stay in the below frozen temperature. it also has quick defrost measure that eliminate the need for a defrost heater.


The full freezer vans or full freezer trucks has insulation of at least 75 mm thick as well as rear doors and reinforced side. Just same as the semi freezer vans, it will also have refrigeration with reverse cycle or hot gas defrosts. This type of conversion will always allow you to keep your items or products at the temperature of as low as -20 degree centigrade. If you are converting your own van, then you will definitely need at least an additional 2000 to 3000 Euros. Over that you will pay for a regular chiller conversion. And if you want to go at least as low as -25 degree centigrade, then you will need to increase the insulation thickness to 100 mm and replace the factory sliding side with a specially made slab type door.


These types of refrigerating vans are both lined with a layer of 50 mm insulation and have a chill refrigerator. This van is suitable for you if you need to keep products chill but not frozen. If you already own a van that you would like to convert into a chiller van, then you should expect to spend 3000 and 75000 Euros.


A van that uses insulation only has its cargo area lined with 50 mm thick insulation. That insulation can vary: it may be Styrofoam or a polystyrene blend. Styrofoam is genuinely very best. That can be adequate or your needs depending on your type of business. (A florist, for example, may prefer an insulation only van). But since there is not an actual refrigerator, so this type is not suitable for transporting chilled food.


In the description which s mentioned above that the semi freezer and full freezer conversions have refrigerating system with either reverse cycle defrost or hot gas defrosts. The cheapest defrost method is off cycle defrost. This defrosts according to the timer. Which tell the compressor of the engine that when to turn off. This type of method is not suitable to keep product at any temperature below zero.

The other two methods, reverse cycle defrost and hot gas defrosts. These both are efficient enough to maintain temperature below zero. Reverse cycle defrosts method automatically reverses the action of the roof condenser and the evaporator as necessary to defrosts in seconds. Then comes the hot gas defrosts. As the name implies, uses an injection of hot gas into the system that allow rapid defrosting. These both systems are suitable for semi freezer conversion and full freezer conversion.


Here are some of the best refrigerated vans that can help you out in your business.

Nissan NV

This van is of full size. Rear wheel drive Nissan NV refrigerated van is based on the titan pick up model. It features a 4.0 liter V6 or 5.6 liter V8. This refrigerated van is the most technological redundant. It is also least eco friendly of the full size refrigerated vehicle on offer. But come incredibly cheap at around 26000 Euros. Includes shipment.


In the same vain to its competitors, the pro master refrigerated vans are available in three trims, a 1500, a 2500 and a 3500. With increase number base in the capability. The range starting at around 29,500 Euros with shipping. What the pro master refrigerated van does have going for it is that has two excellent available engines. And a huge refrigerated cargo area. That means it is not able to compete, but outdo other refrigerated vans on the market.    

How a Refrigerator Truck Helps in Delivery

When It is has to be fresh, It is has to be container. For the restaurants, caterers, or a event cooks, your entire in business depends on the getting your expertly prepared in the food to the location at the perfect in temperature. There is no better way to a ruin your word-of-mouth reputation in the showing up with the food, appetizers, and the drinks that are in lukewarm or tepidhow a refrigerator truck helps in delivery.

That is why in aevery aspect of the container product in the range has been specifically in designed to a make it is easier and more than in the cost-effective for in the businesses such as a restaurants, caterers, grocers, wineries, bakeries, breweries, and other operations in thethat need to safely store and the transporthow a refrigerator truck helps in delivery product at as a precise temperature. There is no a better way to meet your in hot, refrigerated, or frozen van delivery needs than in containers.

Designed to be a meet all safety and the transport requirements in for foodstuff a how a refrigerator truck helps in delivery.

Efficient a power in the options in allowing then you to in just a plug into the wall and the charge.

Easily swap units between in the vehicles.

Mobile apps allows for the precise real-time a temperature in monitoring

Multiple in the sizes and the loading in options to the fit inan any vehicle in size.

Hot a refrigerated, and frozen in theunits.

No internal the joints or edges a makes cleaning in simple and easy.

No expensive in van conversions or the liners required.

Single in the body construction in allows for the thicker, more than in robust insulation for the precise a temperature in control.

Join the thousands of a catering businesses and the restaurants around the world that have a discovered the benefits of the container. Contact us today and let us a show you how the container can help in your business.

Hot Units

Coldtainerandalso in offers isothermal containers for the hot food and transport, with in the internal temperature between + 149°F and + 185°F. The units of the HmL in line are designed to be in the used with a gastronorm containers and thein comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard.

How a Refrigerator Truck Helps in DeliveryAnd Catering Vans

The Process

1) Select in the vehicle. Fleetco can beupfit a van that you provide or we can provide a drop-ship in the code to your dealer so that a newly ordered in the vehicle will be a sent directly to us a for the upfit. We work with in Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and Mercedes the vans.

2) Design in your unit. How a refrigerator truck helps in delivery? Is it a catering a van that needs both the cold and hot a storage? What kind of the cargo needs to be a secured? Will be you make a deliveries at a night? Answering in these kinds of the questions will help in the determine youra needs for storage, cargo in control, lighting and in the other options.

3) Determine temperature or a needs. Do you havea need chill or the sub-zero temperatures? Standard in the chill units are in ideal for the florists, caterers and the similar applications. Sub-zero capacity is the necessary for the ice cream and other frozen in food deliveries. These is builds require both the proper in refrigeration unit as well as the additional insulation.

4) Choose you’re a power. How a refrigerator truck helps in delivery. However, some units also in the include stand-by power, which allows the refrigeration unit to be the plugged into a power source and the vehicle’s contents a kept cold overnight or anytime in the vehicle is a not running.

5) Place as the order. Once in theordered, it is typically takes 2 to 3 weeks in for all the components to a in arrive and then 5 to 7 working a days for a completion of as a refrigeration in thepackage. This includes in the installation of the refrigeration in van unit, the interior lining and the accessories and also a thorough a testing procedure once in the complete.

6) If you own a catering in company or if you are a caterer thena you should buy a temperature in controlled vehicle for a few the important reasons. Firstly, you want to the your food to behave a delivered as a warm or a cold as it was when the you first made it, to preserve the taste.

You can also in the save time by the already having the food at a specific temperatures. As a temperature in the controlled van will also help to the keep your cooked the food and any the tasty condition for the longer a drives.